Standing Office Partition

Standing Office Partition

Office partition screens made of high-density polyester fiber sound-absorbing panels are widely used in various office locations to design a productive working environment for your office. They are modular partitioning systems that provide privacy and reduce noise for your employees. These more private areas allow staff to concentrate, away from office distractions and outside noise. In addition, our free standing desk dividers also inherit the strong processability of pet boards.


Standing Office Partition




Office partition screens are essential for open-plan offices. They can be used as partitions, privacy screens, room dividers, or to create separate areas and meeting rooms. The free standing desk divider is ideal for office use but also can be used in all spaces requiring workstations and private areas.





Product Information



Composition              100% polyester fibre

Fire Rating                 Class A from ASTM E84(US Standard)

NRC                            0.8 from ISO354(International Standard)

Sustainability            • 100% recyclable
                                   • LBC Red List free
                                   • Contributes to LEED certification
                                   • Free of toxic substances and of off-gassing



Description:Standing Office Partition
Acoustic Type:Porous Sound Absorbing Material
Color:More than 40 colors to be chosen
Weight(standard size):2.5 kg per panel
Standard Size:1200*600mm, 600*600mm, customized.
Standard Thickness:25mm, 50mm
Customized Thickness:3-18mm
Fire Retardant:Class A from ASTM E84(US Standard)
Acoustic Performance:NRC=0.8 from ISO354(International Standard)
Function:Interior decoration and sound absorbing
Application:Office, Cinema, Conference, Classroom, Auditorium, Gym, Hotel, etc.


Colour Options




Manufacturing Capabilities

We are proud to say that we have grown to be the largest manufacturer in the manufacturing industry of polyester panels based on the below figures, which has made us strategically strong in cost control and quality improvement.

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